Cole S. Washington

terrorism and the media

terrorism is the biggest threat to american lives

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

F.D.R. once said that we have nothing to fear but fear itself, but today from the perspective of America’s youth, fear is a global constant. A specific common fear has been causing a noticeable headache across America and causing its slow descent into oblivion. The fear of terrorism and its influence that has prompted many good hearted americans to discriminate against certain ethnic or and religious groups.

Terrorism is rising with ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Kurds, Caliphate, Yazidi and Islamic State. So far ISIS has caused the incident in Miami, San Bernardino and the Houston attack in 2016. People are afraid of when they will strike. So far the current president of this time of when i'm writing this which is Barack Obama. He hasn’t addressed the situation like the people of america thought he would address it. I want to know how you will address the situation as the president of the United States of America.

A vision to America is a better world. All the problems wouldn’t be thought of or dreamt of. Immigration wouldn't happen with maximum security at the border gates. Terrorism would be stopped by sending in more troops and creating a plan to bomb and eliminate Terrorists for good to stop any harm to the innocent. World Hunger would be solved by planting crops and selling foods for a lower price. Homeless people will be helped by given new clothes, given warm food and a place to sleep until they get back on their feet. People with colored skin would be treated just fairly and not racially profiled.

My recommendation to solving Terrorism is to stop it at the source. If we need to take out ISIS or other big terrorist groups to protect the innocent then we have no other choice then we must do what must be done. Obviously they want to take country after country so if we make alliance with other countries then we our unstoppable. Mosul has flushed out ISIS and they aren’t as big as the United States. They did it because they planned and struck at the right time with underground tunnels and bombed that scared ISIS back to where they came from. If I were president they would be gone by now and they would be history because I care about America and our allies.

Life after our solution would be great. People would be happy without a fear of terrorists bombing us. People could go places without being scared that someone from a different country would them. Terrorists would be brought to justice and would be punished for their crimes. America wouldn't just be great again but really America would be whole again. That´s what America would be like if our resolution ended.

Only congress can declare war and as that is such, cooperation from both parties is key to ending this plague of terrorism. War is what has started the extremist belief system that has ravaged the middle east for too long, but it will be war that will end it.

Cole + Jacob