Kyla Iowa


Guns shouldn't be taken away but they should be controlled.

Dear future president,

The second amendment is an important part of our country, but gun violence is still a big issue. We should have the right to bare arms but it shouldn't be so easy to get a gun. Part of the gun safety class to get a gun permit should be a background check and a mental health evaluation. You should also be required to buy a gun safe so no one else in your home who may not be emotionally or mentally stable can get  the gun(s). The Sandy Hook shooter got his guns because they didn't keep them away from him. He was also taken to a shooting range by his mother, even though he was on medication because of his

Getting a gun permit online is also a huge problem that we need to stop. In about fifteen minutes you can get a gun permit online by taking an online test. This test can be taken again and again until you get enough right that you pass. Is that really a safe way to give people the right to own a gun? By letting them guess over and over again until they figure it out? No, this way of getting a gun permit should be taken away. If someone is to lazy or busy to go to an actual class and put time into learning how to actually use a gun, they don't deserve the right to carry one.

Guns can save or take innocent lives. But, guns don't kill people, the people with the guns do. The second amendment isn't dangerous like many people say. Some people use this amendment for bad things, but that doesn't mean the amendment alone is bad. If someone breaks into your home and they have a weapon, a gun can save your life. However, if the intruder has a gun it could end your life. It is a matter of who has the gun. This is why we need more restrictions on who can get guns, not take them away in general.

We don't need to take away the guns. If we do innocent people who used to have some protection may die. Drugs are illegal, thousands of people still use them. When we made alcohol illegal how well did that work out? If we make guns illegal, the bad people who use them will still get them one way or another. If we disarm everyone they cannot protect themselves against these people. Why would we disarm American citizens when these robbers and attackers will still get the illegal guns and use them.

Taking away the second amendment won't solve gun violence, it will just disarm the people who might need them for protection. We can never completely stop gun violence in America but we can at least try some methods to make it better. Paying more attention to who buys the guns, making getting a gun permit harder for people with criminal records and/or mental health/emotional issues, and not allowing people to get a gun permit online are some ways we can at least try to help our country with the problem of gun violence. We need to do something but getting rid of the second amendment is not the thing to do.