Aron E. Missouri

Gun Control

The problems with stricter gun laws in America and the way to fix it.

                                                                                                           November 2,2016

Dear Future President,

Gun control is a very uneasy topic in our country right now, but I believe use more stricter gun laws won’t help anything.Crimes rates even have a chance to rise because people won’t be able to defend themselves from criminals. According from the article Misfires in Gun Control Debate that a study conducted in 2013 showed that the deaths from homicides is over 500,000, but gun have only killed 350,000 people which is still horrible but shows that guns have only caused some of the problems. If you take away guns then people will have no way to defend themselves against criminals and the deaths in America will just keep rising guns level out the playing field. Yes, guns do bad things but it's not all just the gun. It is mostly the person behind the gun. Look at the school shootings they are horrible but will the stricter gun laws and more in depth background check help. I don’t think so because people can steal a gun or even pay someone to buy it for them. The system can be broken over and over again so very easily. It is just a matter of time till someone just finds a way to avoid the system completely and the gun laws won’t do nothing about it. Guns keep getting easier and easier to get. The gun laws would help a little but not enough.

This is why i believe that stricter gun laws won’t help America that much it actually hurt America.So who ever this goes to please take this in concederation and see what the outcomes of your choice, Even if you think its helping our country just try to see the best thing that is for our country.I hope you take my ideas and think about them and take them to heart and see if they are good ideas for the United States of America.


Aron E