Blandjica A. Massachusetts

The drugs and gun violence in our society!

This is a letter about how drugs and gun violence is important to stop doing it in our society.

Dear Future President,

I am very aware that gun violence is a problem in the United States today, we need to make laws to solve this problem because imagine how hard it is for families losing their kids at young ages.   A lot of people solve problems with violence and they do not understand that not everything needs to be solved with violence. Violence has increase over the past year and it poses a serious threat to U.S teens and their communities. 

Another kind of violence that we need to worry about is violence against women.  This is a human rights issue with tremendous health, social, and economic issues. Over 1.3 million of people worldwide lose their lives to violence and people from all religious background are affected. It is very unbelievable that you have to see people getting killed and it is 2016. Drugs and alcohol use also play a large role in violence and how it happens. These people are not only hurting themselves, but people around them too.This is danger for everyone in this world.