Ali R. Georgia

College Tuition

College tuition prices are too high.

Dear Next President,

College tuition prices are too high and should be lower and be easily paid for by people who don't normally go to college. On top of paying for college, there are other things to pay for such as living expenses and food. College alone can cost about $100,000 and because of this most people don’t get to go to college. College is necessary in improving your chances of getting a job. The article, "CUNY Application Fee to Be Waived for Low-Income Students" states, "New York City public school students from low-income families will no longer have to pay a fee to apply to the City University of New York" This worked for them; why not change this for the whole country? Also college books that you need for the classes should also be cheaper. If college gets cheaper, more people would start going to college and they could make more money. Some people say you don’t have to go college to get a job, but to get a well-paying job easily you do need to go to college. For example, becoming a doctor requires you to go to college and you get paid well. If we don't change this now, more people will not be going to college and this could leave most people unemployed. That is why college tuition should be lowered.