Lindsay E. Georgia

Health Care

Health care should be affordable to everyone.

Dear Future President,

I walk out of every doctor’s office wondering how much it would be this time. I even think if this visit was even necessary, was this worth all the money we have to pay. I know parents don’t believe that because they want their kids to be healthy, but I also wonder how many parents struggle to pay for their visit. Health care should be affordable to everyone no matter how much you make, right now it’s not, even with the recent attempts (Obama care).

Middle class households make enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle; middle class is about $50,000 – $100,000. However, it’s not enough to be paying something like health insurance or anything as costly. Recent studies have shown that co-pay prices have increased and, it has made it harder for people to go to the doctor. Health care is roughly $500 a month, not including the things you have to pay out of pocket, if you’re a family you would have to multiply that number to the number of family members. Also, when you’re considered middle class you don’t get any financial help or being eligible for Medicaid. However, there are families that do have extra money to use to pay for insurance, but because it’s so high it’s too much to keep paying for it. Sometimes the prices go up. For example, my family we had an excellent provider but they drove up the prices and we couldn’t keep paying it. Ever since we tried to find a new one and either it was too expensive or it wasn’t right for us.

Now I have a solution, the United States is very high tech, and making new technology every day. I read a book not too long ago and it said that the sole reason that hospital costs and insurance is so high is because of our new technology. When we invent a new drug or machine that is used in the medical area, we use it right away, not testing if it’s a better option than the cheaper and more affective way. These drugs are harder and more expensive to make and we use these than using a drug that is cheap to make and it works better, harder, and faster. I propose that we stop doing that and use the better drugs and machines, because not all of them are better than the new ones.

In conclusion, I believe that health care should be affordable to everyone, no matter if you make millions of dollars or minimum wage. Parents already are in constant fear if something is going to happen to their kids, they shouldn’t have to worry about if they will be able to pay for their medical bill if they do get hurt. If you would just take in consideration my idea and not use all the advanced machinery, I guarantee the prices will drop. Thank you.


Lindsay E