Ebrahim F. Georgia

Violence Must be Stopped!

Violence is a problem.


Dear Future President,

The world, as you most certainly know, has always been a war torn place. From the days of vast kingdoms, to present day, violence lurks around every corner. These acts of violence have been used multiple times to terrorize innocent people. I don’t think I have ever watched the news without hearing of some act of violence. America needs to fight back, not just for our country, but for our world. These terrorists deserve nothing better than the longest prison sentences. Mercy cannot be shown to anyone that harms or kills innocent people without remorse.

Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. The two biggest threats to our country specifically, are the Muslim jihadists and the terrorists that are not extremists, but follow some other ideology. Muslim terrorists from the Middle East are the ones that are appearing on the news the most often, and the ones that are taking the most lives. A very infamous attack conducted by the Jihadists is 9/11. On that day, Muslim hijackers took over a few commercial planes, and deliberately crashed them into important U.S buildings. Close to 3,000 innocent lives were lost, both in the planes and in the buildings. There have been many other shootings and bombings done in America and around the world by these terrorists too, and hundreds of other lives have been lost due to these incidents. These people think they are winning, but we must prove them wrong.

To end these terror attacks conducted by Muslim militia groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, America needs to attack at their training camps that are scattered throughout the Middle East. The camps are where the Jihadists train people to use weapons and radicalize them. These people are then sent back to The States, where they’ll carry out the violence. Theoretically, if the camps are destroyed, there won’t be as many Muslims being taught how to suicide bomb and shoot guns. Another way the terrorism could be ended is to take more precautions in airports. Many of these people are flying to the Arab countries, right under the governments’ noses. If more background checks are done at airports, more and more wannabe terrorists will be stopped. Even when they return back to The States from a Middle Eastern country, they should be questioned once more. If these simple precautions are taken, less and less terrorists will enter the country. Of course, there are going to be those that refuse questioning. These people should definitely be watched by the government.

The other types of terrorists are the ones that are non-Muslim. These terrorists are spread thin throughout the United States, but they’re still a threat to society. An example of a non-Muslim attack was the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999. Two students shot and killed thirteen people, and injured many more. Another more general example of non-Muslim violence are deaths caused by racism. Every now and then, there is a story about two or more races killing each other, due to a difference in appearance and culture. These people think that their race is the best. If there’s one thing I truly believe, it’s that everyone is practically the same in the inside. The motto is very corny, but it is very true.

Now, unlike the radical Islamists, these terrorists are much harder to finish off, since they don’t operate as one group (not including the KKK etc.) The best way to end this form of terrorism is to simply locate and stop negative ideologies from reaching the ears of people. Most hate-crimes are done because the criminals’ minds were corrupted by bad thoughts and ideas. The internet is the biggest way the average person can become corrupt. They’ll stumble upon something that’s showing hate towards a race, or justifying violence. They’ll read it and become hypnotized by it, and do some horrifying things. To end these things, these people should be stopped before they can act. If they are acting even a little strange, they should be watched closely by the FBI/CIA. As the saying goes, if you pick out a weed before it has a chance to grow, the rest of the garden won’t be affected.

All in all, you should definitely make it your goal to end terrorism in our great nation. Innocent lives have to be saved at all costs, and those who are to blame for the deaths of those people must be brought to justice, by any means necessary. Violence as a whole should be brought down to its knees, using the points stated above. So now, it is up to you, Future President, to be the Flash to our Central city, and bring an end to this madness in the blink of an eye.

With utmost respect,

Ebrahim F.