Kelcie K. Missouri


Immigration is a problem.

                                                                                                                                     October 26, 2016

Dear Future President, 

   Immigration is a problem. It affects both adults and children. For adults, they have problems with jobs and pay, and children have trouble with stress and staying caught up. 

   Undocumented workers are taking jobs that could go to Americans. Some American citizens have trouble finding work and it does not help the immigrants come and get jobs before Americans with the same abilities. There is also the issue with American citizens having to have lower pay because of undocumented workers. Some are faced with the choice of either accepting lower pay or just not working in that field at all. Some people struggle with money as it is, so that does not help their situation. American citizens should have the opportunity to get the job first and the pay should be equal with both them and immigrants who are working in the same field. 

   Then, there are the problems American children face. Undocumented children, when entering American schools, are usually behind by two grade levels according to the article Room for Debate from The New York Times. Since their skills can't be assessed it makes it harder for them to keep up.  But there are also American children who are struggling to keep up with their classmates. Instead of just focusing on getting the undocumented children bilingual teachers, they need to make sure all students are caught up and being helped according to their needs, immigrant or not. 

   "We should recognize that the stress on American students, who have plenty of challenges of their own, is greater in districts with limited funding and so many undocumented children." That is also from the article Room for Debate from The New York Times and, in my opinion, it can not be any more accurate. American students are already stressing over ordinary things. If you throw undocumented students into the mix than you are just adding on to their stress. They would have to get used to the undocumented students being there, along with the funding being spent differently to help their needs. 

   I think that before we let immigrants in we need to make sure Americans are taken care of first. After we are taken care of then, we can let others in.