Everardo Illinois

The Problem With Immigration

Dear Next President, Hate Immigration and this is a wrong thing in our country. There are raids and families separating each other because of immigration. I will tell you what is going on with immigration and how to stop it. Quotes from people: “Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.” ― Carlos Fuentes The immigration team known as ICE is going to property that they can't go and people could say no but ICE don't care and raid houses and they are trying to get mom or dad or kids separated each other and ICE is a strong mean “awful” team. There still protest against immigration around the US. There was a protest around Washington DC to stop immigration and the supreme court discussed it but they did not win. There are still raids from ICE to deport immigrants and the other main problem is deportations. Who deports the immigrants? ICE. They raid houses and in 2014 over 500,000 people got deported last year by the Obama administration. There was a protest around Washington DC to stop immigration and the Supreme Court discussed it but they did not win. According to ImmigrationImpact.com, "The fact that a significant number of those being deported have strong family ties in the United States and thousands of them have U.S.-citizen children is not a minor piece of information—especially in a context in which the Obama administration is reviewing its deportation policies and the House fails to act on immigration reform." People want a normal life in the US and get the same things as us, but some people are trying to make immigrants who lived in the US over 10 years and one of them is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton wants Immigrants to become US citizen so they want to get a chance. Donald trump doesn't want that. Protest at Washington DC. Some immigrants are lucky to be US citizen or legal citizen. We need to stop immigration forever and be that we can change that with you. The next thing to do is to control citizens of the united states. If you do these thing america will be great again but for real.

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 1/2

Ms. McGovern's Period 1/2 ELA Class

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