Jaren D. Iowa


Terrorism is a problem and it needs to be stopped

Dear Future President,

My name is Jaren DeBruin. I live in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and I am an eighth grader at Oskaloosa Christian School.

I am writing to you about the problem of terrorism. The terrorist groups are killing innocent people randomly and it needs to stop. The worst terrorist group that we need to stop is ISIS. They alone have been responsible for 143 attacks and 2,043 deaths. The problem is not just in foreign countries. There are about 10+ groups in just the US alone.

This issue matters to me because I want America to be safe. We have stepped up defense since 9/11, but we need to do more than just here in America. When Americans travel all around the world they might be in danger of getting captured. Also, some countries like North Korea are threatening to bomb us so we need to keep alert on that issue too. It's not just those countries and terrorist groups. There a lot more and they all need to somehow be stopped.

The President should care about this issue because with the terrorists, America is in danger. If America is in danger and the President does nothing about it, we are an easy target for terrorists. If we get attacked that's risking a lot of lives. If we get attacked and a lot of people die that could affect how people vote in the next election. Also, that could get people really mad at the president and might even want him impeached.

What the President could do about this issue is this. We could make a peace treaty with some countries. We could also help other countries defeat different terrorist groups. If the groups were to attack America we could destroy them. We also could team up with other countries to help destroy main threats, such as ISIS.

I am a Christian and this issue affects me as a Christian in this way. In the Bible it says not to murder. Exodus 20: 13 “You shall not murder.” Many people might not believe in God and even you as president might not. It still matters in this way too many people.

In the end I think terrorism is a horrible thing. We need to destroy it and put others before us. We need to help the countries that terrorism is the worst in. We need to ask other countries to help us even if many people think we are the most powerful army in the world. We need terrorism to end and you can start the end of it.

Sincerely, Jaren DeBruin