Avery F. Louisiana

Stop inequallity

Inequality needs to stop its getting to much out of hand

Dear Future President,

Mario Balotelli once said, “Racism springs from ignorance.” Generally speaking, random people are being ignorant and judging by race and culture and not by character. For instance, in a recent article, it was stated that police officers are being shot. There has been as much as a 58% increase in police fatalities with a high percentage due to racial conflict. In the past, many great leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., have tried to lessen the color war between races, but some still failed to see that all people are equal and should only be viewed by their character. As our next president, I think you should try and gain a more peaceful nation by uniting all people regardless of race, religion or gender.

To begin, people have too many racial judgement issues. A consequence resulting from these conflicts is the increased violence against police. For example, there has been “38 shooting deaths of officers from January through August 26, 2016, representing a 58% increase in the number from the same period in 2015.” The death count has inclined because of racial opinions getting worse and not better because there has been to many fights. In addition to police shootings, gun violence in general, has been very plentiful in the past years. The amount of shootings that happened because of race, religion or gender fights has gotten out of hand. Our government has to have some kind of control without it, we are faced with terrible tragedies. For example, “As far as the horrible tragedy in South Carolina shooting they need more gun control.” The president needs to unite the people of all races. In fact, we are all one race the human race. It’s true that “People are fed up with hypocrisy… we talk about Christian laws… blacks ask themselves what is it that whites don't get” (Britannica)? All of this racial arguing is unacceptable and it needs to stop. Lets all become one nation, the human nation.

In conclusion, Mr./Mrs. President, please help take away racial discrimination and make everything equal. I know I am just a middle school student and I can’t vote yet, but I still have an opinion on what you can fix in office. I am frightened that one day the racial discrimination will be so drastically out of control, that it won't be able to be fixed and that will be a bad sight. Fixing discrimination will provide for a better future of all America.


Avery F.

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

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