Sajiv P. Louisiana

Racial Inequality

Racial Inequality is a growing problem in the US and needs to be fix.

Dear Future President,

Martin Luther King once said,”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Even though King spoke out against discrimination 50 years ago, it is still a problem. The worst part of discrimination today is when African Americans are shot because of the color of their skin. As the next president, I think you should help make all races equal.

To begin, many people are enraged by the amount of black citizens being shot; so they are killing cops. This is a growing problem because according to CNN, “38 shooting deaths(of cops) from January 1 through August 26 represents a 58% increase over the 24 for the same period in 2015.” This shows police deaths are on the rise. As president, I think you should work to decrease police deaths. A big issue in our country is community bias. Community bias is an idea shared among blacks citizens and whites citizens that our community favors one race. In fact, according to the article America Aligns On Possible Solutions For Improving Relations Between Black Americans And Police, And Neither Presidential Candidate Is One, “91 percent (of all citizens) acknowledge some or a lot of discrimination against blacks.” This shows more than 9 out of 10 people observe community bias. As the next president, I think you should work to help all races be equal in the eyes of the community. Finally many blacks are having negative experiences with the cops. Due to the history of violence between police and the African American community, cops are more likely to give blacks citizens the feeling of not being safe compared to white citizens. PR newswire said in their article, “Yet, 62 percent of Black Americans are very concerned about their children having a negative experience with the police while only 28 percent of whites share this concern.” Black parents are scared their kids might be accused of doing something wrong even though they are innocent. As the the next president, I think you should help blacks change their views on cops by improving their relationship.

Once more, Mr. or Ms. President, please use your power to stop racial inequality. As a middle school student, I can not vote, but my preference is that when I turn on the news, we don’t have another policeman shooting an African American unjustly. I would also like if cops would stop dying in the line of duty at such a high rate. These problems are only going to increase, unless you step in.


Sajiv P.

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

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