Bailey Yates Louisiana

Letter to the president

Dear Mr/Mrs. president,

Congratulations on winning the presidential election. The United States of America is now in your hands. I hope you have many good things planed for our country. I know being the president is probably one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Dealing with all of the issues that have been occurring lately is very hard to deal with. Deciding on what you need to do next, who to send to help, or how to deal with it is one of the toughest things. Trying to make decisions for a country is petrifying, because some people don't agree or else they want to start protesting. 

Today terrorism is the greatest problem that is facing the country. Along with that also gun violence and crime is another big issue that we face. The American people chose you because they have faith that you have a plan to overcome these two biggest problems that we face today. As u know one of the biggest terrorist attacks in America killed over 2,996 people. Americans today are still afraid that terrorist could strike anytime and anywhere.

Your presidency along with the vice president and congress have many new decisions to make. The American people are depending on all of you to make wise choices for our country. Taking matters into your own hands is a big responsibility to help make our country great again. I have faith in your ability as a dedicated American citizen to lead us down the right path and keep our country safe from issues that we are facing this day and time.