Rachael C.


Abortion is a serious problem, even criminal. It needs to come to an end.

To whomever it may concern:

A growing problem in the United States is the issue of abortion. There are many people who are pro-life, meaning that they are for letting the baby live; on the other hand, there are many others who are pro-choice, meaning they are for killing the unborn baby.

Scientists consider cells the building block of life; essentially, a cell is life. At least, this is what is being taught in the science classrooms. Therefore, it should follow that if a cell, just one, singular cell, is alive, that many cells which reproduce rapidly are considered alive as well. Also, it does not matter on where a cell is. A cell could be at the bottom of a volcano, in the middle of the ocean, or on the side of a window. It is still considered a cell, which, as discussed heretofore, is life.

If scientists are agreeing that a singular cell is life, then why is everyone disagreeing about an infant in the womb? An unborn baby is, to keep this straightforward, a collection of cells in the environment of the mother’s uterus. That baby is alive the very second a cell is formed. The taking of someone’s life with the intent to do so is defined as murder. Every time a mother aborts her baby, she is becoming an accomplice to murder, along with every doctor and nurse who helped perform the killing. Would someone be so proud to kill someone else? Not in their right mind. So why is this any different?

Lastly, everyone knows that there are other options for the baby besides premature death. A mother could very well give her baby up for adoption, which has options in itself. If the mother just does not think she can handle it by herself, she could reach out to someone she knows to help her until she grows up. With that being said, there are plenty of single mothers who function just fine alone. These unborn children deserve a chance. After all, the kid being aborted could have been the one to find the cure to cancer, find a way to end the war against poverty, or maybe even unite all of the world’s countries. Please consider this as you come into office.


Rachael C.