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Presidents and Weed

Many families have been broken apart due to the use of drugs, many people have lost their career even their lifes. In some cases this statement is proven to be false because some presidents have been known for smoking weed such as Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

Presidents and Weed

By Emiliano 

Dear President,                                                                                                                                 11/7/2016

As a student my class has been following up with the presidential race. some have their reason on who they want to win. Me? I am okay with whoever wins honestly. I think that both candidates have big plans for this country. Even though I do disagree with idea of the wall but let’s get real... can we really get rid millions undocumented people? Either way one big problem that the United States have is drug abuse.

Why would someone who has never done hardcore drugs, decide to try them?

Hardcore drugs such as cocaine can be found at parties, clubs, corners, jobs, etc. Crack can be found on street corners, and crack houses along with other various drugs such as hash, weed, heroin, crocodile, and pills. Drugs are easily accessible and people who might suffer from depression might turn to drugs to escape their reality and become happy for a while. But according to http://www.homehealthtesting.com in a high school classroom of 32 , 15 have at least tried drugs once in their lifetime, 12 out of 32 have used in the past yea, and 8 out of 32 have used an illicit drug in the past 30 days. Drug abuse in some cases have started from peer pressure and have now become addicts, we as people will do anything just to fit in with a group of people, some are smart and not fall in their trap but others do and they can’t get out alone.

What makes me think this? I live in an area where drugs are a easy access and can be obtain in a matter of minutes than in any part of the state. All my live I have lived in KC and have revolved around drugs, guns, and violence. As a kid, I knew what drugs were but I was blinded by my childhood to even notice that my family my uncles, cousins, and even my dad were doing and dealing drugs. I knew that my dad drank a lot but that’s the only substance that I knew at the time that he was abusing. As I grew up that’s when my eyes finally open and I begin to put the puzzles together as of why my mom had left my dad, alcohol was a big part of it but it was not all of it, he had done and dealt drugs with my cousins, sometimes he would not come home, etc. All my life I have blamed my mom for breaking our family apart but now I am realizing that she was just doing what was best for us, my dad had soon begun to realize that he was losing the women that was down for him and loved him so much so he tried so hard to quit everything, he was successful but he had already lost her. Till this day my dad does not drink and has been clean as far as I know… My dad had it good, a loving wife and 3 kids, he still had all his family and had a good job and I still wonder why he chose to abuse drugs.

Your Friend,


Frontier STEM High School


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