Emma D.


Dear Future President,

We need to raise awareness for recycling. Trash is polluting our country and taking away its beauty. It is poisoning our oceans and wildlife that live in there. Recycling can improve these problems and create a healthier environment for the people and the wildlife.

People do not recycle for many reasons. There are inconsistencies in what can and can’t be recycled in certain bins and the labels can be confusing. Also, there is not a lot of national messaging about the importance of recycling. Some people throw trash or the wrong materials in recycling bins, and this can contaminate the recycling streams causing recycling processing plants to shut down. There is a high rise of these plants having to be shut down around the country.

Recycling more can better our country. It is the best action a society can make to improve the environment, the economy, sustainable manufacturing, and the ocean’s health. When the United States recycling levels reach seventy-five percent many great things will arise. One great thing about reaching this level is that it is the equivalent of removing fifty-five million cars from our country’s roads each year. It will also open up one and a half million jobs in the U.S. This will help many people out of poverty.


A concerned citizen

Information according to http://www.recycleacrossamerica.org/