Lucille B. Louisiana

Racial Equality and Inequality

Racial inequality is a huge problem in America, and must be addressed. Why?

Dear Future President,

Leontyne Price, an African American musician, once stated, “Accomplishments have no color.” This is important because it proves that everyone, no matter the color of his or her skin, is equal in his or her accomplishments. It came to my attention recently while working on a school project that racial inequality is a huge issue in America. This concerned me because I believe that everyone should be equal. As our president, I think you should stop racial inequality.

To begin, you, as our next president, should stop racial inequality because many black people experience bias based on their skin color. This must stop because what you look like does not show who you really are. Also, according to the PR Newswire, “Seven in 10 Black Americans perceive a lot of bias against Blacks...” This is important because, also according to the PR Newswire, “...fewer than 3 in 10 Whites” experience bias based on skin color. This shows that black citizens are treated unfairly. Additionally, many black people and police officers die because of racial tensions. We know how things have heated up with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but too many black people and police officers have been killed. According to CNN, “The killing of a Tennessee police officer Thursday brought the number of U.S. law enforcement officers shot to death this year to 38…” This just comes to show the violence between African Americans and our law enforcement. Finally, we must know about what is happening with the police brutality and violence predicament. Some people choose to ignore all of the things about police brutality, shootings, etc., but that is not helping anything. According to CNN, “We need to stare at things that make us uncomfortable and take our time before dismissing them outright.” This shows that even though we may not like it, ignorance is a big issue, and we can not just dismiss it. Therefore, racial inequality should be stopped.

To repeat, you, as our next President, should stop racial inequality. Even though I can not vote yet, I still know many people who are discriminated against and ridiculed based on race. Please fix this issue.


Lucille B. 

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

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