Lauryn H.

Gun Control

Dear Future President, I am writing to address the issue of gun control in the United States. Guns affect the everyday lives of every single person in this country – no matter when, where, or how. We urgently need stricter gun laws to protect the citizens of America. I feel as if this issue needs your immediate attention because the amount of guns that people acquire is incredible and excessive. In 2012, guns were one of the top 20 highest causes of death in America. If you wish to protect everyone, I suggest that we create more gun laws to protect every individual residing in this country. One sad fact, is that there are more guns than people in the U.S. These guns, in fact, are not even registered. The government cannot track them down because of lack of resources and money. Once these guns get into misguided hands, it’s almost a lost cause. Furthermore, in 2012, 60% of all homicides in America included the use of guns. As stated before, the government does not have the financial capability to protect its own citizens from crimes. This is completely unacceptable. By creating more gun control laws, we can stop all of these horrendous facts and actions from ever springing up again. In conclusion, the exorbitant use of guns need to be stopped. We need to act sooner rather than later or people will get hurt. It’s inevitable. This cannot stop unless you, the next president, aides us, your fellow Americans, in helping fight against this crucial cause. Sincerely, Lauryn Honoré


St. Joseph's Academy


For all the lovelies in my 2nd hour.

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