Rosa H. Missouri

Will America Ever Be Great Again?

There has been many disputes and violence in our nation. We need a change in the nation.

Dear President Elect,  

I am a ninth grader, who enjoys politics. In my class we have been following the presidential election. I have  experienced oppression, racism, and violence. I do, thank you, for being the president of this country, because I cannot even imagine how hard it is to run a great and amazing country, such as the United States of America.

 This year of the presidential election in the U.S.A, there has been disputes and violent acts that have been an apostasy to anything peaceful. The presidential election has caused a disturbance in the supporters. Social media has had a largely negative impact as well. I quote Jonathan Stray, who teaches journalism at Columbia University, โ€œ Politicians and brands are their own media channels now. If all you want to know is what a candidate did today, you can just follow them on social media โ€” no need for professional journalists at all.โ€ What Mr.Stray is implying is that social media has had a large impact on our lives. You do not need any journalist to write down what the candidates will say, because you can watch it live on your phone, computer, or laptop. Social media is a nest for leaders and other groups to rest their negativity on. Racist hate groups and other objectifying groups have also made a strong impression. We have had racist hate groups way before any president in history, but now as a new president will be chosen, racism, oppression, violence etc. has been causing an apostasy in the U.S.A. I have seen on social media and on the presidential debates how people react to what our leaders are saying. These groups are attacking our nation. Violence has also been a primary example. The violence has become a regular social media trend in the world. No matter who you are, or what you believe in, violence has taken place. I cannot fathom how our next president will take charge. The candidates cannot even answer simple mundane questions, nevertheless questions that will shape our future and cause.

  He lifted his hand. Was the strike a cry, or was it a place to hide? Was that drop of blood worth it? Was the words used to spit a curse, that was influenced by a greater power, meant to protect and set the standards for the world? Division is what we want. It is what we think we need, for it we donโ€™t have it we will not succeed. We will fall apart, it will tear our hearts. I see a child and his mother separated for years, and all she can do is hold him near. All because the solution is the problem. Why does it have to be this way? Why can we not just come together as a nation, become less ignorant, and change our nation forevermore? A hand of color, the colors of the rainbow, splash the city streets of gray into color. 

Frontier STEM High School


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