Mackenzie C. Michigan

College Is Too Much

College is way to much lets lower the price.

Dear Mr/s.President, I would like for kids and students to go to and be able to pay for college. We are not all rich here. Lots of people don't have the money to pay over 9,000 dollars for college and if they don't go to college they don't get a job which sometimes results in homelessness.

The problem with college is that it is too expensive. The average price for college tuition is $9,410. The college I would love to go to is University of Michigan. I have checked the price of tuition for UofM and it is about 30,000 dollars. Just for tuition! That is just in-state out of state is about 60,000 dollars. That is crazy. At that price I won't be able to go to college and I want to be a lawyer. So how am I supposed to be a lawyer if I can't go to college?

I know college is worth more because everyone wants to go and that is good, but they can't all go if prices are so high. Only 65.9% of people go to college. That number used to rise for decades and now it's falling. I wonder why? I know i'm not the only one who worries about not being able to pay for college. Many high school graduates and college students worry about being able to pay for college as well. This hurts many people because they can't pay for college so they don't go and if they don't go then they don't get a good stable job so they can't pay their bills and become homeless. It's a big chain reaction really. 

So after all of this I think it would be a good idea to lower college prices, because a lot less kids are going to college, many people cannot get a good job, and its just too expensive. So please lower the price of college. It would be very much appreciated.