Alan D. California

Reducing College Tuition

The cost of a college tuition is at an extreme high as of today. It is so high that low-income, first generation students do not even want to attempt to attend a college because it is financially unrealistic.

Dear Future President:

As a low-income first generation senior in high school, I have a goal of going to college which has been set as my goal by my parents, my friends,and my school. But financially it seems impossible to receive a college education. The price on improving our education should not be as high as it is. From the top national schools being over $40,000 for college tuition alone and state schools being around $15,000 to attend, it just seems out of reach as a low-income student.

With the current costs of tuition at an extreme high, the College Board reports, “...postsecondary education would be out of the question without generous subsidies from the government, their college and universities, or other sources.” This means that without the help of many organizations including the government, a college education is not even possible because of the expenses that are needed. The tuition alone is expensive without the cost of living or commuting from campus. It is too much for any low-income student to afford.

Looking at other countries who have free college educations, for example Sweden, France, Germany, and Finland, many of these countries are ranked higher on a national education level. I propose   lowering education tuition to make it more affordable to the general public. Tuition is one of the biggest reasons students are not going to attend college and lowering the cost would encourage more to find a college they belong in and that fits their financial means.

Politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are two who have been working on creating and reforming laws to make sure college becomes affordable. Bernie Sanders' College for All Act is one that will be working on eliminating undergraduate tuition and for more federal funding to cover student debt and loans. Hillary Clinton is working on making graduating from a local college or university a possibility for all, including making undergraduate tuition free for those who go to in-state colleges.

A college education is crucial for all to receive and by reducing the price of tuition, more first generation low-income students like myself will be able to attend college and pursue the career of my dreams.


Alan Dang

The Preuss School UCSD

Block 8

AP English Lit & Comp, B Day

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