Paulina A. Iowa

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants come to the U.S for a better job or to have a better life.

Dear President,

More than 11.4 undocumented immigrants reside in the U.S. and that population is growing 700,000 per year. More than 7 million illegal immigrants work in the United States. Illegal immigrants come to the United States for a better job or a better life. The labor-intensive nature of many crops is a key reason agriculture relies on illegal immigrants. Many immigrants who enter the United States accept high-risk and sometimes great expense for a chance at jobs sooner than later. Then their families follow.

The problem is that there is more economy for the United States. The impact is lost jobs, deprecated wages and etc. Illegal immigrants come to the United States to find better jobs or a better life for themselves. Illegal Immigrants are doing jobs that others donโ€™t want to do. They try to find any job that is available so they can support their family, even if it's low-skill or low-paying job. A study released by the Labor Department say that millions of illegal immigrants are being paid less than the minimum wage.

What can we do? Our next president can make enough jobs for both illegal immigrants, immigrants, citizens, and etc. Even if they are illegal I think they should be payed the same if they pay taxes like everyone else. If anyone wants to come to the U.S to live or work, they would have to go through security, which would look at their background checks and etc. I think anyone that wants to come to the United States should be able to.

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