Michaela R. Wisconsin

Immigration in the U.S needs to be Controlled

Immigration has many severe effects that play greatly into each of our daily lives. What risks are you willing to take?

Dear Future President, 

As President you need to put restrictions on immigration and try to stop illegal immigrants from infiltrating our system because of the severe effects it will have on our nation's citizens. 

One effect that we face with the topic of immigration is the overpopulation of our country.  While we might not have an overabundance of people right now, the numbers of immigrants that are entering the country currently will lead to overpopulation in the future. There are so many immigrants coming from many places throughout the globe that we will, in fact, run out of room, resources, and the ability to take care of them all eventually. 

Another severe consequence of immigration in the definite increase in crime rates. 30% of the immigrants entering this county legally already have a criminal record. This doesn't even include the unauthorized immigrants that live among us. And even more alarming is the fact that more than 57% of American murders are committed by  foreign-born people. That means more than half of the murders that happen in America to our own citizens are because of the carelessness of the government in this issue, ignoring the fact that many of these immigrants are harming us more than helping. 

A final unwanted effect of keeping our boarders open is the inability to track unauthorized immigrants. There were an astounding 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States in 2014. Part of running a country successfully is knowing who is living in your nation. With this number continuing to grow, the risks just keep growing. 

Immigration plays a very significant role in the lives of Americans. How many risks are we going to take when it comes to our safety and well being? 

Thank you for considering my standpoint.


Michaela Redfearn