Tanner M. Ohio

No More Homework

Homework is just too much to deal with these days. It takes time away from being a kid, having family time, and just doing what you want to do.

October 21, 2016

Dear Future President:

Homework and state tests should not tell you how intelligent you are. People struggle on tests, and people don’t have time to do homework. First, it has become more important over the years because schools are giving us way more homework and states are testing the children more than needed. Mostly, the kids are impacted, but also the teachers because they have to grade papers.

“My reason for banning homework is because kids are having their time taking away by homework from spending time with the family or just enjoying life” ("Homework should be banned"). This quote shows that kids don’t have time to spend with their families or just enjoy life. I know a lot of kids that hate doing homework instead of hanging out with their families.

“Kids are also losing time to play outside or play sports and be active with other kids” ("12 pros and cons of standardized testing"). Kids are losing the time that they get to play outside or play sports and just be active because of all the homework that is being given to them.

Some might say that kids have homework, so they won’t forget what they learned in school that day or they have homework for more practice. This is not true because kids won’t forget in 24 hours about how to do a math problem or write a paragraph; they will remember. Some might also say, “most students in the United States do not have unreasonable homework loads” (Cooper) . All the kids that have homework, have a lot of homework.

Without a doubt we should either ban homework or lower the amount to let’s say 1 homework assignment peer class? Homework is just way too much to deal with, also it takes time away from a kid trying to be a kid.

Students shouldn’t have homework because it is a waste of time, and it doesn’t mean anything to the kids. Thank you future President for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my letter.


Tanner Moore

Oak Hills High School

Biser's 4th bell (English III)

10th & 11th grade students in 4th bell

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