Gabriela H. Oklahoma

Education For Immigrants

Most immigrants want to pursue higher education but can't because they are affected by various factors

Dear President Of United States of America, 

         I am writing this letter to you to discuss a problem that has been going on for the past few years. I believe higher education should be more available to immigrants because these immigrant children and adults come to the U.S to have an opportunity to have a better life for their families. This opportunity fails because most immigrants who want to pursue higher education can't because of their race, their language, and the lack of financial aid.

       In the United States many people look different and judge one another on how they look, even the person's skin color. Why would people care about their race? People who care about race are just judging based on skin color, which is how most people discriminate. This causes colleges to not want these immigrants, because many people don't want to be in the same school with them. Most Hispanics have a hard time to get enrolled into college and only go to high school and stop their education. This is why we have to help these immigrants to get into schools that don't care about their race and want immigrants to succeed in life and stop the discrimination.

       In order for immigrants to have higher education,  most need to know the English language, but some don't know it at all. This is another reason why immigrants need higher education because Americans can't just expect them to know English. They came here to learn about the English language and learn other new things.This is like when Americans go to other countries; if they don't know the language they will be struggling to learn.

       The last reason, and the most important, is that higher education is very expensive. These immigrants are affected when the school asks about how much income they make, which some don't make much income. Immigrants don't have much money because they don't have good jobs that pay them well because they need a social security number in order to have a job that pays well. We need to help and support them by reducing some of the money it takes to get into college so they will be able to achieve.

       As I am finishing my letter to you, please keep in mind the reasons that immigrants can't have a higher education. Try to fix the problems. Help these immigrants be more social, help them financially, and help them by not judging them based on their race. Also try to stop the discrimination so immigrants can live free and love this county. These immigrants have something new to bring to the United States.




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