Kylie G. Georgia

Stop Cop-ing Out

Cops need to be chosen correctly or trained properly, so they can do the job right.

To Whom It May Concern,

Look at the news. What do you see? I see cops making mistakes, death because of it, and police acting off of fear or instinct instead of factual knowledge. What are we doing to fix it? Nothing. Cops need to be chosen correctly or trained properly. We need to hire the right law enforcement officers, to do the job right.

Right now, those people we call heroes are taking advantage of their job position. Every night I turn on the TV and watch the news. I watch the news reporter talk about stolen cars and clowns.. But every night I always see something along the same lines. Cops shooting the wrong people, or taking advantage of their job and purposefully injuring people. According to, “Police misconduct is often directed at specific groups, such as racial minorities, women, youth, and the homeless. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that the rate at which black males were injured by law enforcement officers was about six times that for white males and more than three times that for Hispanic males.” This shows just how much police step out of line.

A way we can fix this though, is by giving money to help evolve our training ways make make them newer and up to date with the society. As our world evolves and grows more complicated, our departments and government should stay up to date. Also, you could give stricter punishments towards police misconduct or whenever they mistakenly injure an innocent. By doing these ideas our police staff are chosen correctly and we might not have as many deaths as we do now.

I know what you're thinking: Why would I give money if we don't even have enough to pay off the debt we are in? Well, if you did this, then it would help decrease the amount of deaths that are popping up from cops. I've always been told that in order to change something big, you must start small. Don't you want our country to do better?

Are you okay with watching these people suffer for no good reason? Is that the kind of person you are? I hope not. If you aren't, make a change! Push for harder, stricter, longer training. Evolve our government. Then, just maybe, we can be a better country.

Kindest regards,

Kylie G.