MakaylaB Nevada

Dear Mr. President, lets talk about drugs.

This may seem like a joke, but it is not. Prescription drugs and mainly Heroin have become a major factor. Heroin is the hardest drug, but it is the most easiest to access. This is a problem that needs to be solved for the safety of the people.

Dear Mr. President,

It is a pleasure to address a major situation. It is the strongest and hardest drug of all, Heroin. It has been an issue for quite some time, but it is to the point where the drug is getting stronger by the day and is easier to access. A former drug user, Mike Dewine, was interviewed by CBS news on his point of view about the drug and has explained how easy it is to get the drug, and it is progressing even more. He openly stated, “Some of it is cut with other drugs that make it more powerful and deadly. And dealers keep inventing new ways to outwit law enforcement.” This has become an issue because it is destroying a lot of people’s lives, and families are losing their loved ones due to Heroin. This may result to people gaining more knowledge against the law enforcement, in which they could somehow have more power without anyone else knowing. 

It is not surprising that people would do anything to get the party drug, but it seems like they don't have to put much effort or effort at all to get it. Another drug user with experience, Hannah Morris, has explained with great detail about what it is like to get heroin . She states, “They would bring it to my house, leave it under the doormat. Its pretty easy to get.” Another great point she says is, “To me it was easier to get than weed or cocaine, definitely easier.” The irony in the last statement is heroin is known as the hardest drug but seems to be the most ignored. This would be a very important issue to start realizing, we need to change how easy it is to get heroin and try to prevent it from spreading from one person to another.

 Although drugs may be an issue, what about prescriptions? The Campbell family, who were interviewed by CBS as well, had an issue with a certain drug after the son's procedure. He was known to have a shoulder injury due to playing a football game, he was then prescribed a painkiller called Vicodin. This involved heroin due to the fact that these painkillers would make a person “high” and in which case it would seem logical to them that since it was a satisfying feeling that they would go for a harder and ‘better’ drug. The son, Tyler, remained too addicted and eventually passed away due to an overdose of heroin, in which he got hooked on by his painkillers. Bill Whitaker, the interviewer, explained after hearing the story, “ After Tyler died, the Campbells met many families whose children were heroin addicts in the suburbs of Columbus. Like Tyler, most got hooked on pills first.” The sad truth is that even painkillers are addictive, and we should be more careful on whom we give them to. Although we have some security with drugs for medications, we still need to find a way to make it safer for the person who is buying or maybe find a safer drug for individuals. 

In conclusion, it is pretty easy to say that heroin is a very addictive and deadly drug, but even prescriptions or some medications can be as addictive or lead to heroin. We need to have high security when it comes to heroin. Such as how we can find weed and cocaine, as Hannah explained. It would be best if our security can outsmart the drug dealers rather than them outsmarting us.

Sincerely, Makayla Babcock

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