Jhanna Hall Illinois

Police Brutality

Police vs. Blacks

Dear future president, 

As you know there is a lot that's going on in the city of Chicago. Not just in Chicago, but everywhere. It's like everything just happened all of a sudden. First Trayvon Martin got killed and that's when everybody started going crazy. They didn't really think that it'll happen to so many people, but they wanted the courts to do something about it because nothing was done. After several marches and public speeches for him, other people started to get killed back to back by police officers and nothing happened. It was like the government was trying to hide everything. What is a safe community if we can't even depend or trust our police officers? They are suppose to be our protectors, our heroes. You would even think that the black police officers would stand up for their own kind, but they don't. It's like they are trying really hard to look good for the white officers or maybe they are just afraid of the same thing happening to them so they do everything they can just to stay on the white peoples good side. They should still stand up for their people or even report the problem and make sure something is done. 

In order to have a safe community we need the violence to stop. We need to government to come to a agreement with the government that they are going to help put a end to police brutality. Instead of covering up the problems and acting like they are not happening, they need to punish these police officers. Fire them from their jobs or send them to jail. If it was any black person, killing their own kind or anyone, they will be going to jail right on spot. Now that white people are killing blacks, It's okay. They aren't in jail, they still have their jobs, and they can still walk freely on the streets. We even have tapes that show that we haven't done anything for us to get shot. Its like our amendments doesn't even matter anymore. Any police officer can walk into your house without our say so or even can pull you out of your cars and nothing will happen at all. So that has to change. The leaders of our city have to step up and do something to help us, our family, and their family as well. If that happens then everything will be a little better and we will feel safer being around or calling the police to help us with everything we need help with, but the issues doesn't stop there. We have to still be on the watch out and not trust everybody because that's not going to stop the everyday violence and crimes that everybody else commit that aren't police officers. You have to watch your surroundings, don't leave your children alone somewhere, don't let them wonder around any and everything, and most of all don't trust everyone.  

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