Lila Montana

Healthy eating and Exercise

People should be educated about how to keep themselves healthy, and helped to make healthy choices.

Dear Future President,

My name is Lila. I’m a sixth grader in Billings, MT. I think that people are not educated enough about how to keep themselves healthy. Many people eat things that don’t benefit them. People often eat fast food because they don’t know just how terrible it is for them, and they don’t have time to get anything else that would be better.  

Lots of people don’t drink enough water. It is really bad to be dehydrated. It can cause many problems for you. Some health care problems could be solved if people were helped and taught to drink more water.  People eating healthy food could also solve health care problems.

To solve these problems we could make more stores that sell healthy food, and reduce the number of stores that sell unhealthy food, because if people know something is healthy and just as fast they will be more likely to buy it. If you created a healthy and fast chain restaurant with food that is good quality it would do really well. You could create and sponsor large programs to educate people about how they can eat healthy. 

You could also sponsor and create a program that created health and exercise groups in lots of local communities. These groups could do a variety of activities such as cooking classes which would help people learn how to make their own food for themselves. These groups would also do things like, exercise classes, hikes together to get fresh air, classes about food and what's good for you and why. It could also tell you about what happens to your body when you don't do the right thing for it.  

Thank you for listening to my letter and taking time out of your day. I hope we can solve this problem while you're in office.