You need to both listen and hear what is said.

Do not underestimate the power words, both spoke and written. It could cause more pain then hope. Choose your words and in that their meaning to others.

Dear [insert name here].

Now I don’t care who you are, all I care about is that you fix the problems that your predecessors have made for all of us. You need to get of the level that you have set yourself on and look down. Now what do you see? I hope you notice all those who live on the streets, in cars, or not even living down that dark alley. Look at those who make so much money that they could wipe their butts with hundred dollar bills and still have enough money to buy a pony made of diamonds and name it butt stallone. (That’s a borderlands 2 reference.) I want you to live in their shoes, that means no electricity, hot water, very little food if any, and little to no shelter. You can't, can you? Now imagine someone who has all their life. There are tens of thousands of peoples out there on the streets of the country.

Stare at your other half, now think if you couldn’t be with them because of some stupid laws made by some biased and ignorant fools that let their beliefs and opiniones cloud their judgment. And what about those that can’t be who they are just because of how they were born. All that I’m saying is that all of us has a thing that makes them different and we are supposed to cherish it yet for those who accept theirs in such ways are shunned because their difference scares others. So what the scared do, they make those who are different fear them. Let's stop this needless hatred and fear. We can end this by stopping those who that think they are better than those who are different from gaining power without limit. Just think if we gave those on the other side of life a reason to think of what they could be doing to make life easier for those less fortunate. Look at all of those movies with those rich snobs who would roune the lives of hundreds of people just to make a quick buck and, oh look at that, it's not exaggerated. I mean sure some do donate a lot of money to good charities but most don't, and those who do most of the time are doing it for all of the wrong reasons.

It’s funny how many of people barely have anything while a small minority have so much that they could pass it down in their family for generations and still have so much. I am scared to walk outside because of how the desperate try to just survive any means necessary. Look at those criminal who are thrown in jail because of theft just to feed their families. Let this be not only a request but a warning.