Jackson Washington

Gun Control

The next president should be sure to check out the major issue of gun control in our country.

Jackson G. and Keaoni T.

Olympia, WA November, 5 2016 

The Next President of the United States 

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

One of the biggest problems in our country today is mass shootings. Shootings happen across the country. We need to be more strict on gun background checks. For the communities in the states it would do a lot for us, as citizens.

We must change something if we want the number of mass shootings to go down. It is way too easy to just walk into a gun shop and buy a gun. I know that we have background checks and stuff like that but their are many ways to get around these. For example, there is the gun show loophole. You can go to the gun show and buy a gun the same day. Most places you need to wait at least a day for background checks before you can buy a gun. People should not be able to get a gun on the same day as they buy it. We need to get this under control.

What could our country be like if we had no mass shootings? Schools wouldn’t have to have active shooter drills. People wouldn’t even have to carry guns because they wouldn’t have to be scared of shooters. This would make our world a safer place. We have enough violence in Syria and other war torn countries around the world. We don’t need violence in our backyard. If we had no gun violence we could focus on the other problems in the world.

We believe this problem is not hopeless, there is a solution. We think a good solution to this problem is to have more extensive background checks. There shouldn’t be loopholes like the gun show loophole. There should also be rules. People with mental health issues should not be able to purchase weapons. These are just a few of many solutions to the problem of gun control.

Life will be way safer if our ideas are put into action. We think most of the shooters in this country have certain levels of mental problems. If we keep guns out of these people’s hands the number of shootings would go down.

We think you can help us by pushing for more extensive background checks and longer waiting periods. Also, when you make these new background checks make sure there are no loopholes or ways for people to bypass these laws and get guns fast. I think if you do these things the gun violence problem will be pretty much non existent.


Jackson and Keaoni