Ethan Ritchey

Dear President

To next Presidential Canidate

Dear Presidential Candidate,

Congrats. You have made it to office, but realize that you are the President now, and you are our leader.

There are problems out there that need to be fixed. With the best of your knowledge, be the President that we, as Americans, voted for.

We need to fix these problems:

  • Economy: Some of us are in terrible state and need help.
  • Terrorism: We are still dealing with terrorism (terrorists) almost everyday in the U.S., and we do not need to be dealing with that. Fix it.
  • Gas prices: gas prices are mainly way too high, and it upsets people, majorly. We need to find a way to make prices cheaper yet also make a profit off of it.
  • NATO
  • Gun control: I am neutral about it, so many situations can occur when it comes to guns. I think that we should be able to defend ourselves, but yet like I said, too many situations when it comes to the safety of gun control
  • Racism: This is also one of the main problems in the U.S; we can not tell everyone to not be racist, because that is who they are, I would like it to be eased down. Please fix this.
  • Bullying: It explains itself. We need to spread the word more that bullying is not acceptable. People are going through tough times at home and we do not need people like bullies to hurt others, especially cyber bullying.

Continuing list:

  • Taxes: Whichever candidate is reading this, please do the right thing, we are in a deep enough pit when it comes to taxes and this really, really needs to be fixed, so we could be a better country again.
  • Protests: For example: Charlotte. And this links up to racism too, there is no need for major riots like Charlotte, I think if there is ever that big of a protest again, you need to not stand aside, and fix it, and calm down all civilians.
  • Etc. Any other major problems that I did not list.

All of these are pretty big problems. And now you are our leader and here to fix problems and not cost anymore. Our lives are in your hands


Ethan RItchey