Brenden W.

There are problems

¨To the President that wins this election, there are problems that none of the presidents before you have been able to solve.¨

To Whom This May Concern

This life of mine is one that is not unheard of in this nation of freedom and peace, this life which has shown to me the sheer magnitude of certain issues I wish to bring into your attention. The nation cannot grow as you proclaimed a desire for with many of its citizens without a home, family, or any help to stop this. Do you even know the number of homeless? The national census doesn’t reach those that have no identity. Something else has been feeding on this nation, and that is the debt which the government owns mainly to the people who depend on it. The debt that accumulated for generations of history, attacking us repeatedly. This challenging duty falls to you the newest President, you must do what you`re able to and mend America, for that there is no right way, nor wrong way. Some will hate you; some love you, and others who cannot care unless you confront them. Adults believe children cannot understand problems bigger than them, yet you will have read many letters before me. Those which point to great eye opening problems that even you may not have seen while stating the changes you will bring about. All together there is one thing I have the right to order you to do, as the President is for the people, and as an anonymous voice of the people.”YOU CANNOT NOT FAIL!”

                                                                                                  -Sincerely Concerned Student