Dear Future President

2016 letter to President

Dear Future President,

My name is Jennifer Joyce, and I have a few concerns about what you will do in office. The most important to me is medical care. I have previously had to stay in a hospital for about 12 hours and ended up with a $24,000 dollar hospital bill. My biggest concern is how will you lower the cost of medical care? Medical is essential but unfortunately many families simply cannot afford it, and that is one of our country’s biggest problems. Also, what about pharmaceuticals? Do you not understand that “big pharma” is raising the price of absolutely essential medicine by hundreds? Because of this, many people are dying. Why are the prices being raised? Because they just can be. As someone who would like to study in the medical field, this is a big concern to me. Most people go into medical to help people; it should not be just about money. Another medical concern I have is abortion. Are you going to keep abortion legal in all 50 states? If not, why? Should a woman not be able to make her own choice for her own body? I am aware that adoption is available, but what about the hundreds of thousands of children sitting in orphanages and living without a family because many adults do not want to adopt? If abortion were to be illegal, the amount of abortions would not go down, but the amount of deaths because of dangerous abortion practices would go up. What are your REAL concerns about immigration? Because it still seems like you are only concerns when the people immigrating are a color other than pink. Are you aware that sending out every single immigrant would cost this country billions of dollars and we would be even further in debt? Many undocumented immigrants even pay taxes. What about humanitarian assistance? Are we going to continue helping in the countries we are helping in or are you going to stop that from happening? Are we only going to help people who fit into a certain category or are we going to help everyone who needs it? What are you going to do about police brutality? How about regular health screenings and more police training as a start. I also suggest stricter gun control laws such as better health screening and demand that guns be locked into a safe so they are not easily accessible to toddlers. I have many concerns for the future of this country, because there are going to many generations growing up here.


Jennifer Joyce