Moni R. Washington


The Issue of immigration is important because Many refugees are coming here to make a better life and nd have freedom.

Moni Rai

Foster High School

4242 S 144th St, Tukwila, WA 98168

November 7, 2016

Dear Future President,

The Issue of immigration is important because Many refugees are coming here to make a better life and nd have freedom. According to Huffington Post, Nepalese immigrants face many problems with immigration (

First, many Nepali immigration People have problem by “Low literacy rate in nepal reduces chances of gaining a white collar job. Degrees awarded by many colleges in Nepal are not recognized in America”. ( In my family, don’t know how to read a Nepali or Enilsght book

Second, In nepal the problem is this “Political and social instability and inequality of Nepal stands in stark contrast to the way things work in the US.”

In our refugees camp we do not think that contrast to the way to work In America.

Third, in nepali people doesn’t thinks that America such as Health insurance “ “Unawareness about services those are easily available in America, Such as Health Insurance, and apartment rental protocols.” This issue matter for the people of Tukwila because many Immigrate people are live in tukwila. If Trump becoming president Do all immigrate people should have to leveling the U.S country.

Immigration, especially as a refugee, takes one to up to ten years because of the documentation processes or people get illnesses, such as tuberculosis(TB),

and they have stay in their country before they come to the U.S. For my family, it took 3-4 months because we did not have any diseases. For families with diseases it is not easy because they have to take medicine for years and years to get better. My friend’s father had this problem. My family is lucky because we had no diseases.

For my family, it was not easy to immigrate. Because of language they don’t speaking english language because they don’t have school in their home country. My grandparents did not want my parents to go to school because they had to care about the family farm with cows and crops. We moved to the United States in 2011 to make a better life. We wanted benefits like health care to get healthy. We must allow more refugees to come to the U.S for freedom, american dream, because refugees do not have the necessities of life, like food, water or other thing in refugees camp.


Rai Moni

Foster High School

Civics - Period 5

Civics period 5

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