Dear Presidential Candidate

2016 Presidential Letter

Dear Presidential Candidate,

Please who ever gets this don’t put us further in debt and control the population of the U.S. When I say further in debt I mean in the last eight years Obama has tripled the national debt alone which has caused prices on everything to go up. Due to the prices going up the lower class has a more difficult time paying for the stuff they need. The lower class has a hard time paying for stuff because their jobs pay so little and basic necessities have such high price. When I say control the population I mean stop letting people illegally cross the border, this encourages more people to cross. We as Americans have enough problems with overpopulation in our own nation, we don’t need more people entering our borders. With more people illegally entering creates more lower class to work jobs we don’t have at all and please stop just giving them stuff that is just going to make matters worse than they are all ready are. Also don’t announce military plans on live t.v you don’t know who could be watching.

Sincerely, G.A.M