Eliza C. New Jersey

Deadly Chemicals in Products

What deadly toxins could be hiding in america?

Dear President,

Out of 60 ingredients in perfumes and fragrances, 25 are unknown chemicals, 25 are skin irritants, 5 and allergens, 3 could cause birth defects, and two could cause cancer. It’s scary that companies don’t have to tell us. It is critical that companies stop using deadly toxins in their fragrances.

Big companies all around the world are using deadly fragrances in their products. It doesn't matter if it’s makeup, cleaning supplies, perfume, deodorant, air fresheners, or even some non organic foods, it’s really hard to get away from these chemicals. According to Huffington post, most of these deadly ingredients aren’t healthy, they are put on bottles as “fragrance” and most people go in blind. I looked at the ingredients in some of bath and body works most popular fragrances and most have a fragrance listed as a mix of unidentified chemicals. When people ask these companies what ingredients they use they don’t have to tell. In fact, they only do if recommended by a dermatologist, so lots of people don’t know how bad the chemicals are until they have an allergic reaction.

According to Huffington Post, some companies don’t want to release the ingredients they use to the public because they think it will make consumers stop buying their products. What these businesses don’t know is improving their ingredients and showing them off will draw more consumers to buy them. A survey on Pro Con.org showed more people will purchase the products if they know it’s safe for them and anyone who uses them.

A lot of people think that companies wouldn't lie to us and that others are overeating. This is not true. In multiple chemical tests, it was revealed that there are so many dangerous chemicals that go unnoticed or undetected. If people don't know that these products could be hurting them, they will keep buying them increasing their risk of breast cancer and new developed skin diseases and allergens.

A family friend of mine named John whellan made a documentary about it where he interviewed different companies about the vague "fragrances" they use. He did this because he wanted to figure out what gave his wife breast cancer. When she was diagnosed they were told it was linked to her use of products she used daily that contain deadly toxins. He called many companies to see what is in their "fragrances" and he kept getting denied information and getting passed onto different people who didn't help either. This further proves that these companies have something to hide from consumers. 

We need to stop consuming these chemicals and start working on a natural solution. If we can figure out the exact chemical that can cause cancer, we can stop producing fragrances that include it. I think we can get over this and even save some lives. We can make a change and stop companies from using deadly chemicals in fragrances.


A kid who wants a change.

Brielle Elementary

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