Brandon G. New Jersey

Gun Control

Loosen Gun Control.

Dear next President Elect Trump,

In this country we need guns. Guns could be used for self-defence and for sport. When I am older I do not want my right of the second amendment to be terminated. You can not just take that away from us.This country was built on guns. According to the NRA people use guns for self-defence two and a half million times a year. That is a big number, so for you to take our right as aUS citizen to own a gun is just wrong. We would have two and a half million more crimes.

People think since someone owns a gun they are going to use it for violence or killing. There are over three hundred million guns in the USA and only twelve thousand homicides a year. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. A gun does not just shoot by itself. Someone picks it up, loads it and makes that decision to harm that person. People just do not understand it. This country would go to hell if we did not have guns.

Sincerely yours,

Brandon Gnapp