Sarah B. New Jersey

Suicide Prevention

People lose lives everyday to suicide, we need to take a stand.

Dear President-elect Trump,

I am aware that both candidates have daughters, who were teenagers at one point. Imagine your daughter, coming home from school, with her eyes all puffy, and her cheeks red. She runs up to her room, and locks the door. You try to talk to her, but she won’t communicate back. Later that night, you hear screaming and crying from your basement. You run downstairs, to see your daughter curled up in a ball with a blade in her hand, and her wrists bleeding. You help her up, wash off her wrists, and throw the blade away. You make her take medication, and go to therapy. She was a suicide survivor. Sadly, some boys or girls aren’t so lucky, and don’t make it. I have had friends like this. They will say “ Goodbye” or “ Don’t remember me” and will not answer your texts or calls. Luckily, they have made it through as well. Suicidal thoughts can get the best of anyone.

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die every year from suicide. It is the third leading cause of deaths among people from 10-24 years old. Suicide deaths come up to a total of 34,000 people each year. Mr. President, we need your help. We need you to make all men and women feel wanted and that they matter. People need to hear that they are beautiful, that they are valid, no matter who they are in gender, race, or sexuality. Because of you doing these actions, you can lower suicide deaths by hundreds, maybe even thousands! We need your help for not just the people who want to die, but also their friends and family members. Thank you.


Sarah Bodi