kahlel k. Washington

police brutality

police brutality against black people should be stopped

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

I have a question for you, do you what to be shot while you are standing and doing nothing? This is a question a lot of black men and women and even children can answer. I believe that there is a big problem with all of the back lives being wasted and sacrificed for no reason. I believe that we can fix this problem, if we can limit how much the police can do to harm the suspects. Then that will help ever stop the problem ever so slightly. The fact that some of the police men are being trained to fear suspects if they act odd. The worst part about it is ever time they kill an Unarmed person the get away with it and continue Their day. The live their day with no punishment what so ever. This is an issue that must be stopped this can be fixed with your help.

The killings of black men and women have been happening since 1999. A lot of black men and women have names that represent only a handful of such cases since 1999. When Diallo, an unarmed man standing in a New York City doorway, was gunned down by officers who erroneously thought he had a gun. (LA times) Ever since this happened there has been killings almost every year and still happening to this day. This shows that we had 18 years to fix this problem and we haven't even started so we just made it worse.

So if we have policemen killing people and not getting the same consequence as any other human being then how far is that to the rest of us. “If you’re a police officer, killing black people is a good career move; you get a paid vacation (“administrative leave”) and then the police union organizes a fundraiser for your legal fees, and then the District Attorney does a half-assed job of making the case to the grand jury for why you should be prosecuted, and then no charges are filed and you go free and get to go back to your job, protecting and serving the public.” (Ben Gran)They know about the issue but they are trying to do something ““These deaths, no matter what the circumstances, are tragic for the deceased’s loved ones, friends and community,” he said at Tuesday’s meeting. “I believe that there is more we can and should do.”” (LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.) They want to help all of the people that lose their family members so bad but they can't tend to only one person. They should release a law that applies to police and unarmed people.

As these killings happen the reason they happen is because the police are trained to fear death and put others live in front of theirs. Meaning that if you look suspicious you will get shot no matter what you do. When I was searching for articles about this subject is came across this article. The article is called How black people can avoid being killed by Police. The article lists of a bunch of ways on how black people can avoid getting shot. Some examples are “1. Don’t be too big. If you’re really tall or heavy, you might be seen as “intimidating” or “like a demon.” If you’re over 6 feet tall, consider getting your legs amputated below the knees.” and “2. Don’t reach into your pocket or reach for your waistband. Especially if you’re wearing baggy clothes—that means you’re a “thug.” It’s best to avoid wearing clothes that have any pockets; just wear yoga pants or Jeggings. In fact, don’t wear pants or coats or clothes at all. Walk around nude. You will be arrested for indecent exposure, but at least you’re more likely to be taken alive.” (Ben Gran) all of these categories black people in the way that they are portrayed as criminals.

As you look at all of this, how would you answer the question do you what to be shot while you are standing and doing nothing? Knowing this would you answer no but his time have a goal to help this be stopped or just like a kid die holding a Nerf gun. I believe if we all stick together we can solve this problem and save some lives in the middle.


Kahlel K.