Sami M. Washington

Abortion, Adoption & Sex Education

I believe in pro-choice, but only to a certain extent.

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

I believe in pro-choice, but only to a certain extent.

As a young women, I can imagine the difficulty of an unexpected pregnancy. I believe that every woman should have the choice to terminate her pregnancy. There are certain circumstances that make bringing a child into the world a tough decision. Being 17 years old, I know the scary feeling of not wanting to get pregnant. But there are so many cases in which teenagers become moms and they are amazing to their baby. I believe it really depends on the person and their financial standing and health.

Although I agree with pro-choice, I am not pro-abortion. I know how horrible it must be to have to make that incredibly difficult and painful decision. I don’t like the thought of abortions, removing a developing fetus from a woman's uterus is far from enjoyable to even think about. But for some women, this may be the right decision. I have no place to tell them they shouldn’t and neither does anyone else. I believe there should be many steps taken before actually getting the procedure done to make sure the person is absolutely sure they want to go through with it. And I am extremely passionate about there being a time limit at which a woman is no longer eligible to receive an abortion. I confidently say that I am completely against late-term abortions. I do not think that it is reasonable to end an almost fully developed child's life. There needs to be a cut off point.

There are also other options. A woman may not think she can take care of a child, but there are so many families that don’t have the ability to have their own children. Giving a child up for adoption isn't ideal but there have been such amazing outcomes from it. Adoption shouldn’t be looked at as giving a baby away, it should be looked at as giving him/her an opportunity for a great life. I believe that adoption is better than abortion because instead of taking away that baby's choice to have an amazing life, a mother can give her precious baby to a family willing to give him/her a good life.

Safe sex should always be the priority so that no one has to be put in the position to make this choice. But unfortunately that doesn't always work as planned. Mistakes are made all the time and unexpected pregnancy is most often the result. What I want you to take away from this letter is, most importantly we cannot allow late-term abortions. There needs to be a 2 month cut off. After 2 months of pregnancy, abortions should be refused and illegal. Adoption needs to be seen as a more positive thing. And safe sex should to be taught better and more frequently in high schools. My sex education class was a joke, and I think it needs to be taken more seriously. The students need to learn how to properly put on a condom and where to go if they have questions or concerns. Please help educate my generation and the generations after me.


Sami Menjivar