Brandon G. Iowa


Concussions are bad for your head because they damage your brain and people need to continue to figure out a way to help reduce concussions.

Dear future president:

I think that there should be something done to sports to try to minimize the concussions. I have personal experience with concussions and believe me, you do not want to deal with them. Concussions are taking a lot of athletes away from playing the sports they love.

When you get a concussion you are usually not able to play sports for 2-10 weeks depending on the severity of the concussion. A concussion, as shown in the second picture, is pretty much the same thing as a severe traumatic brain injury. When you have a concussion you are not allowed to look at any TV screens or no intense lights. You are also not allowed to play any sports or any physical activity, basically you are pretty much not allowed to do anything. Studies have shown that concussions can have the same effect on the brain at Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The first picture shows the stress difference between a brain with no concussion and a brain with a concussion.

Some solutions have been put into effect already, one of them is that the littlest leagues (Pop Warner) took out the kickoff. This is due to an increased risk for concussions, because players are running full speed at each other. Another solution that has been shown to decrease the number of concussions is the Heads Up Program, initiated begging with even the youngest players all the way up to the NFL. In this program the players are taught new ways of tackling that keeps the head out of the tackle. One of the NFL teams that is best known for this is the Seattle Seahawks. They have developed a whole new way of tackling in order to better protect their players and prevent many concussions. Even though concussions are known to all the athletes they still play and even still play when they get drafted into the NFL. The coaches donโ€™t care about the players all they care about is getting the money.The first picture shows the stress difference between a brain with no concussion and a brain with a concussion.


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