Madison L. Montana

Better Options Than Abortion

My letter is about abortion, and that women have more choices than just that. And to make the best decision.

Dear Future President,

I care about abortion because it’s a choice all women have but is it the right one? Billions of women all over the world are making this decision do to an unplanned pregnancy. And it doesn’t matter if you’re pro choice or pro life. But think about all the women in the world that have a miscarriage or loses their babies when their born. The women that are making this decision isn’t right because there’s more choices in the world than just abortion.

Some symptoms about this problem is that women only think they have two choices when the have an unplanned pregnancy, they think of abortion or delivering the baby. They don’t realize how many options they actually have, because in that state of mind they only think of two. And so many more women are thinking about abortion, just from 2009 to 2011 women from age 30-34 have increased abortion by 10 percent and i bet that percent has went up since 2011. With abortion there’s so many risk factors that harm your body like some risk factors are kidney failure, respiratory failure, liver failure, death, damage to other organs, perforation of uterus, damage to the cervix, etc. That’s only have of the risk factors from abortion. And it would just be easier to deliver the baby because it’s way safer for your body and of course your baby. Abortion costs money to have the child killed, and or removed from your body when you could've spent that money on that baby.

I understand why some women go through abortion, like if they were a rape victim but that's very rare and if the pregnancy wasn’t planned. But with unplanned pregnancy the women could still have the baby but give him/her up for adoption, and then the baby will actually have a chance to be something in life. They could get famous or be the next president, with the women going through with the abortion they would never know how that child would of been in life.

Already in 2016 starting from January 1st to October 27, 898668 women have already aborted their babies, and the amount is still going up. And women have better options than this one. Even if the pregnancy was unplanned there's more than just abortion.

What my call of action is to reduce the amount of abortions each year. Because every year the rate is opening up and that’s not right. And more women need to know what their options are then just abortion, like for instance you can the child in temporary foster care until you can support it. And theirs adoption if you don’t want a child at that moment, reach out to your family and have them help you support your child. There’s lots of options and more women need to know them, and give their baby a chance in life.

This is why we should try to reduce the abortion rate, and give kids a chance in life instead of taking away their life. And just to let women know there's more choices for their baby then just eliminating them before they even came into the world.

Sincerely, Madison L., 14

Billings, Mt