Alan Iowa

Gun Control

Gun Control

Dear Future President of the United States,

Guns are weapons that kill; they need to stay out of the wrong hands. People should have a reason why they have big guns like an AK-47 in their houses. I understand if some have rifles in their house locked up, if they are used for hunting, but a big AK-47 isn’t necessary. What is the reason the person would need a gun like that around? Other than having a reason to own an AK-47, you should have a license to own a gun as well.

These days people like to collect guns, but how can someone collect so many guns at one time and have no purpose for them? I honestly think if someone is going to collect guns, they need to have a license for a certain number of guns they can own at a time. They can’t just keep buying guns for their liking; the government needs to have a law for how many guns one person can own. The owner needs to carry the hand gun in an orange case if the gun owner has a license to carry concealed. On the outside of the case, it needs to have his license number to show he/she can carry concealed.

Owners of fire arms should keep their weapon in a locked safe or have it out of reach of little kids. Most school shootings happen because the student brings a parent's gun to school and starts shooting the place up. Families with a gun safe should only allow parents to know the combination.


Alan C.

North Fayette Valley High School

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