Caitlin Idaho


Why we should have clinics

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President, 

We should have abortion clinics because it is safer to do it in a clinic then if you were to have women do it at home.  When women do it at home you have a risk of bleeding out or severely hurting your self.  You can severely overdose on herbal remedies as well.  You can also try to do it at home with a friend but you have a chance of not losing the baby and you remain pregnant and cause the baby damage. 

Why should you take a women's right to choose what happens to her body away? You wouldn't want to take a woman's rights away to get rid of a baby if she were to fall pregnant after a rape. If she decides that she didn't want to carry the baby, that's her decision. I know I wouldn't want a loved one of mine doing that type of thing at home and having the risk of hurting themselves.

 I do believe that we should move up the time in which you can have an abortion. I believe it should be before 21 weeks. If after 21 weeks, then a clinic can also help decide what you should do with the baby or they could offer you help in caring for the baby.