Chase H. Iowa

Illegal Immigration

In this paper I will inform you on how big of a deal illegal immigration is and what you need to do to change it.

Dear President of the United States,

Hello Mr. President. My name is Chase Hollinrake, and I am writing to you about illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a very large problem in the United States. I would like you to know that I am against illegal immigration, and I want to know if you plan on doing anything to stop it. I am fine with immigrants entering the United States as long as they go through the proper tests and requirements to become a United States citizen. In my eyes, illegal immigration is very bad for our country, but I understand there could be some positives.

Immigrants that are coming to this country illegally are taking jobs away from citizens that have lived in the U.S. their entire lives. There are roughly 12 million illegal residents in the U.S. that are doing little to no good. According to a review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data, immigrants gained over a million jobs as nearly a million Americans were losing jobs between 2008 and 2010. One of the main reason they hurt the economy is because they donโ€™t pay any taxes, and they send billions of dollars out of the United States to Mexico every year. Illegal immigrants also receive tens of billions of dollars worth of free education benefits, free health care benefits, free housing assistance, and free food stamp benefits.

The cost of educating illegal immigrants is overwhelming. U.S. tax payers pay a total of nearly 113 billion dollars for illegal immigrants to live here in the U.S. illegally. A great portion of that money is for their education. Not only does it affect the economy, but it also gives us more threats to terrorism. With all of these immigrants coming into our country, there's a much greater chance of having terrorist attacks within the U.S. I believe we should deport the illegal immigrants and make it much harder to get into the U.S. from foreign countries.

Illegal immigration is a very big problem in the United States. I hope you have a great plan to get rid of this problem. I think we should deport all of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. right now. Also we should make it much tougher to get into the U.S. from foreign countries. Getting rid of these immigrants will help our economy drastically. Thorough screenings should be required before we let anyone in from other countries, and it should be impossible for them to get in without getting screened first. I hope you take this into consideration and act upon this issue.


Chase H.