Jade D. Iowa


In this letter I will explain to you why I am pro-life.

Dear Future President,

Everyone has a reason to live. There is no reason for you to kill an innocent child. Abortion is a very argumentative topic. People all over the world argue about this topic. Almost everyday this is talked about at my school. Some people just bring it up just to make other people mad. I think that abortion is a terrible thing and should be taken away. In my eyes, having an abortion is killing a precious baby that is a gift from God.

Twenty-one percent of pregnancies end in abortion. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy; in other words, abortion is killing a human. It is not the baby's fault that the parents were not being responsible and had unprotected sex. They should love the gift of a child that resulted form their act. On that night, if a woman thinks there is a chance they are pregnant, then it is okay to take a pill that would destroy the egg and sperm prior to conception, since you are not killing anyone.

Many abortions happen when the mother is about a month along. After the third week of pregnancy, the baby’s heart, brain and spinal cord are starting to develop. When mothers have an abortion, they think only of themselves. There are so many couples that try to have a baby but either can't get pregnant or have a miscarriage. The ones having the abortion don’t even think about them. If you don’t want a baby, then you can give it up for adoption after it is born. Abortion is also a very expensive procedure, so why would you waste a lot of money on something when you can live in happiness for free?

I think that abortions should be outlawed. I can definitely say that I am pro-life. That said, I can understand if a woman would want to have an abortion in rape cases, because every time you would look at your child, you would be reminded of the rapist. I do think that love can overpower that thought and you will love your baby forever no matter whose it is.


Jade D.