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Pitbull Abuse

Would you like for your pitbull to get abused?

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Dear Future President,

The abuse of Pit Bulls is something that is not recognized enough and not a lot of people care about the subject. Pit Bulls are the most abused breed of dog and most cities in the US ignore the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) law that prohibits laws against certain breeds. Social media has ruined Pit Bulls’ reputation with rumors that accuse Pit Bulls of being violent and aggressive dogs that attack people for no reason. Pit bulls were once the most loved dog in the US and England. I want your help to show people that Pit Bulls are not monsters and that they are kind and loving dogs.

Pit Bulls are seen as violent and dangerous dogs. In reality, most Pit Bulls are kind and loving. Pit Bulls are only aggressive when they are not trained properly or are intentionally trained to kill or attack people. Pit Bulls like to please their owner which is why people train their Pit Bulls to fight and kill. Then they are horribly abused if they don’t obey. They are beaten, burned, starved, used as bait in dog fights, and abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Pit Bulls have wonderful characteristics. They are loyal, friendly, clownish, intelligent, and have many other great qualities. They don’t deserve the abuse they are given.

Pit Bulls were once favored by the US and England throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Because they were so good with children, they were giving the name “The Nanny Dog.” Pit Bulls were meant to tame large animals such as bulls, this is called bull baiting. When bull baiting was banned, people created “Pit Dog Fighting.” Pit Dog Fighting was also banned in all 50 states, yet people continue to participate in the “sport.

Because Pit Bulls have become known to be “violent” animals, a lot of places ban Pit Bulls. Most apartments don’t allow Pit Bulls to prevent dog attacks or damage to the property. It is near impossible to find an apartment complex that will allow you to have a Pit Bull. Over 700 US cities enforce BSL. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) quotes, “There is no evidence that breed-specific laws make communities safer for people or companion animals.” BSL has many negative outcomes that impact the dogs and dog owners. Since these dogs have been banned in most places, their owners hold back on taking their dogs outside for outdoor exercise and socialization. This affects the dog’s mental and physical health. Also, owners who have friendly and well-behaved dogs who happen to fall under this BSL may have housing issues, legal fees, and they may even have to get rid of their dogs.

You might be surprised to hear that PetSmart also discriminates against Pit Bulls. Pet Smart hosts events that allow dogs to run around and get all of their energy out. These events are called Doggie Day Camps. Pit Bulls are not allowed at these events because they are considered “Bully Breeds” (pets that exhibit aggressive behaviors.) This rule is totally unfair because these camps are meant to make dogs happy and they are excluding a whole breed from participating because of the popular assumption that all Pit Bulls are dangerous/aggressive. Not all Pit Bulls are aggressive. As I said before, Pit Bulls are most likely to be aggressive if they are not properly trained, as every other dog would. However, some Pit Bulls are very polite and kind to strangers and other dogs and some can also be very calm. It's not fair to the owners or the dogs that they are not allowed to participate in these activities because of beliefs that all Pit Bulls are aggressive.

We hope that you take this issue into consideration and shine a light on this subject. We feel very strongly about this topic and so do a lot of animal organizations such as the ASPCA. Pit Bulls are terribly abused when they don't deserve it and people assume they are vicious but really, it's the humans who train them to be aggressive or violent. Pit Bulls get the blame when really it's us who are the flawed species.


Tiarah and Jalyn

Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy

Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy


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