Angelina M. and Kinsie O. North Carolina

Racial Discrimination in Everyday Lives

Racial discrimination affects your everyday life and it comes with consequences.

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                                                                                                                                                        October 24, 2016

Dear Next President,

We are writing this letter to you to address the fact that other races are experiencing racial discrimination or are bullied. Racial discrimination is an unfair situation in which some races are treated unfairly or are bullied because of their color or ethnicity. People are hurt because of racial discrimination. Furthermore, because of racial discrimination citizens are turning on each other; we're fighting against our protectors and some people won’t even stand for our "Pledge of Allegiance." This is a major problem that and we need to put a stop to this sooner than later. We suggest that you show with your fellow leaders that all races are equal.

Here are some major reasons as to who racial discrimination is not healthy for our country. According to the article, "Racism is Harmful Mentally and Physically", most Caucasian’s haven’t been through what other races go through. The article states that people who are racially discriminated against have shorter lives; for example, Native Americans suffer from depression, Cardiovascular disease,and high blood pressure due to racism. Most people who suffer from racial discrimination experience stress or depression. According to "Race & Ethnicity, The Critical Media Project," there are more deaths by African Americans who suffer from discrimination than there are from Caucasians. People classify other people based on their color, race, and physical features. Most places you'll stand out because of your race or ethnicity, making our citizens feel isolated or alone. Racism boosts high stress involving depression, anxiety, and anger. According to the website eSchooltoday, "Your Cool Facts and Tips on Discrimination and Prejudice," the effects of racial discrimination differ depending on that individual person. Racial discrimination affects your work , physical health, emotional health, social health, financial, and education; it lowers productivity in the workplace and school.

In conclusion, racial discrimination can end up taking a toll on any of its victims; through emotional depression or physical health problems by making people scared to be themselves which leads to stopping our citizens from doing their daily activities. Throughout our visual representation there is much information needed as to why racial discrimination is such an important topic. So Next President, what are you going to do now that you know how we feel? How are you going to make a change--we’ll be waiting.


Angelina M. and Kinsie O.

Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy 

Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy


Grade 8 Students in Karyn Gloden's 2017 ELA and SS classes

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