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More money for schools

We need to take some of the money we give to the military and give it to the education programs around the United States.

Dear next President,

Most people in America pay taxes. Some think they should pay more, and some think they should pay less. I think the government should start putting the taxes that we pay into some areas more and other areas less. Specifically, there should be an increase in education and a decrease in United States Military. According to, America spends $610 billion on the military compared to the next six countries combined only spending $554.1 billion. Think about this, our Military is way stronger than all the other countries. At the same time, we are 17th in educational performance, 24th in literacy, and 54th for our GPA in educational expenditures according to That is outrageous, eventually the rest of the world will be laughing at us because we will have a huge military, but a bunch of dumb people and no one fit to lead our military. For that reason, we need to spend more money on education and schools around the United States, and less on Military.

America dwarfs every other country in Military spending. The closest country to us is China, and for every dollar China spends, the US spends $2.77. Our Military is already plenty strong as it is, and we do not need to spend this much more. If we only take away a small amount we could still double China and have much more money for education. Investing money in education is, in a way also investing money in Military because we need smart and well-educated people to lead, and be a part our military. People say that we need to keep spending as much as possible in Military because we have to be stronger than everyone else. What good does being stronger do if everyone else is smarter than us? The Revolutionary War was lead by very smart individuals, this is why we won the War, not because America was stronger than the British. So for that reason education and intelligence is more important than being strong and powerful.

America is the freest country in the World. Anyone that wants to go to school should be able to go to a good and productive school. There are many people that want to go to school and learn, but when they go to school they do not get the education they deserve. Whether it is because they are being bullied and they cannot focus on school, or the school system is simply not teaching them what they should know, or even the school does not have enough resources to properly teach. These all can be fixed with more money going to schools.

I have heard people say that schools are fine and that if you want to get an education you can. In many cases that is not true and people do not get the education they deserve because schools do not have the materials needed in order to give their students the best education possible.

According to, in the next 20 years, the Earth should have over two billion more people. We are running out of resources. Education is more important now than ever unless you want to sit back and hope that some other country or someone else is going to find a way to efficiently use a solar energy when fossil fuels run out. Personally, I believe that we should be the ones coming up with the scientific discoveries. I always hear people saying America is the best country in the world, but so far the only thing I see that we are the best in is military. We need to start evening things out so we can be the best in everything. Of course, we do have some very smart scientist, but my goal is for the citizens of The United States to be smarter and more educated, and not just a few individuals.

Basically, we need to take the taxes that we pay and use more for education and use less for the military. If you still do not understand why education is more important, than think about this question, who would win in a fight a person or a bear? Clearly, a person would win because he could use his knowledge and the tools around him to defeat the bear, even though the bear is stronger. Of course, it is not the simple but that is the main idea, and that is why education will always trump the military. So please, next President spend more on education and make America smart again.



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